Muay Thai

(Thai Kickboxing) Individual/Small Group Training in New Orleans



Alex started with Karate at the age of 8, and revisited it more seriously the age of 18. Before completing his black belt he made a journey to Southeast Asia. While visiting Bangkok, he stumbled upon a Muay Thai match at the famed Lumpini Stadium. He was so impressed by the power, speed, and toughness of the fighters, he set out to try to learn some of the skills. After finding a camp in Isan, a region in Thailand famous for its Muay Thai, he was asked to fight in the ring having only trained two weeks there. Needless to say, he survived the fight, and, having proven himself able to handle the sport, he stayed in Isan training up to 7 hours per day and continuing to fight whenever called upon. After returning to the US the following year, he devoted the next 12 years + to training and teaching Muay Thai and MMA techniques. During his long journey as a martial artist he has studied Wado Ryu and Shotokan Karate, Aikido, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Pankration, and Krav Maga.

He has taught Muay Thai at IMS Academy (Santa Cruz, CA), Fairfield MMA Club (Fairfield, IA), and created the FM Smith Martial Arts Club (Oakland, CA) for Oakland inner city youth. He has had the honor to train both military and law enforcement personnel. He was the training partner to the middle weight Korat Champion, training side by side in a small rustic camp of 4 fighters. He also served as a training partner for the Iowa Challenge Champion while training in Iowa.

Individual training can be tailored to competition and sport or self-defense purposes. He has a deep appreciation of the culture and tradition of Muay Thai, the importance of fundamentals and the many tricks of the advanced game.